Livestock mananger

What is Livestock manager?

Livestock manager is a free online tool for small scale farmers and hobby farm owners to track:

  • animals
  • animal care
  • breeding
  • farming activities
  • incubation records
  • and more...

Everything from grooming to medical tests and treatments, feed changes to housing and routine management. Choose from 23 animal types, unlimited breeds and over 40 activities!

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Livestock mananger


Track your animals

Keep a record of each of your animals including name, date of birth, species, breed, colour, gender, identification tags/bands, parents, offspring, source and more. Choose from 23 animal types. Enter unlimited breeds to suit your herd or flock.

Chicken, duck, cattle, goat, pig, sheep, rabbit, equine, quail, turkey, goose, pheasant and more!


Track your activities

Record all events associated with each of your animals. Over 40 activities to choose from in the following categories:

  • General
  • Reproductive
  • Medical
  • Housing
  • Grooming
  • Physical
  • Other


Incubation records

Keep a record of each egg incubation. Record egg type, egg count, duration and weight loss target (%). Record daily temperature, humidity, candling, cooling, misting, egg weights, eggs removed/losses, pipping and hatches and notes.

Automatically calculates expected hatch date, incubation duration, pip to hatch duration, hatch success percentage!

Visualize results with tables and charts on the incubation report. Includes:

  • Weight loss chart
  • Incubation results (hatches, losses)
  • Pipping and hatch


Get started!

Livestock manager is free using the ad supported version. All tools and functionality are included in this version.


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